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About Us

About Eisai

~ Satisfying diverse health care needs around the world ~
Around the world there are still many diseases for which no effective treatments exist and many patients who do not have adequate access to the medicines they need. As a global pharmaceutical company striving to address these unmet medical needs, Eisai is committed through its business activities to making contributions to better health care for patients and their families around the world.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

We give first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides.

Corporate Objective

A human health care company capable of making a meaningful contribution under any healthcare system while observing the highest legal and ethical standards in business activities.

human health care Philosophy

Eisai is committed to patients and their families as the most important participants in the healthcare process. Eisai takes pride in helping to increase the benefits to patients and their families while conducting its business.

This commitment to innovation is embodied in Eisai's human health care (hhc) philosophy. To realize that mission Eisai conducts diverse patient-focused activities.

human health

The hhc philosophy incorporates the spirit of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), an English nurse who made an enormous contribution to the development of the nursing profession and public health. The human health care logo is modeled on the signature of this prominent figure in the history of modern-day nursing.

Seeing her handwriting makes Eisai employees pause to ask: "What would Florence Nightingale have done?"

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